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  • Internet

    Power your business with unparalleled connectivity founded on the country's most extensive fiber optic backbone.

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  • Data Networking

    Exchange and deliver data among your enterprise branches swiftly and securely with cutting-edge data networking solutions.

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    Data Networking
  • Voice Communication

    Backed by the Philippines’ strongest and wide range communication infrastructure, PLDT Enterprise's voice communication solutions can provide your business with clarity and reliability unlike any other.

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    Voice Communication
  • Mobility

    Smart Enterprise is your answer to your company's need for convergence and connectivity. As a communications company, we know how crucial a reliable network is in ensuring the success of your enterprise even when you're on the go.

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  • Data Center

    A suite of solutions that cater to customers’ growing IT outsourcing requirements with VITRO Data Center facilities that are designed to be carrier-neutral -- allowing other telcos both foreign and local to provide network connections based on customer preference.

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    Data Center
  • Cloud

    “We Make Cloud Work For You”. Leverage on ePLDT's continuous investment on cloud technology, expertise and best practices on management of a hybrid or multi-cloud environment while tapping the full spectrum of capabilities from infrastructure, connectivity, services, security and business applications with an end-to-end cloud strategy.

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  • Managed ICT

    Concentrate on your core business with a wide-range of value added technology which includes remote monitoring and management of your selected on-premise or hosted hardware,software or networks and procurement of staffing services.

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    Managed ICT
  • Cybersecurity

    ePLDT Cyber Security offers a holistic portfolio that includes prediction, prevention, detection, and response to cyber-attacks.

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  • Internet of Things

    Transform your enterprise with solutions and tools that will enable you to work and collaborate, regardless of where you are.

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    Internet of Things
  • Global Enterprise

    As the international business arm of PLDT Enterprise, PLDT Global Enterprise aims to enable large enterprises, international carriers, CDNs, and OTTs, among others. With its full suite of end-to-end industry solutions, it aims to provide industry-leading communication infrastructure and platforms by connecting its customers to the Philippines and beyond—paving the way for unprecedented growth and success.

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    Global Enterprise
  • Communicate seamlessly

    Ensure continued connection within the business and with your customers while working remotely.

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    Communicate seamlessly
  • Collaborate efficiently

    Stay productive wherever, whenever by hosting online meeting so you and your team can collaborate remotely.

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    Collaborate efficiently
  • Continue operations

    Stay productive wherever, whenever by hosting online meeting so you and your team can collaborate remotely.

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    Continue operations
  • Dedicated Internet Access

    Designed to meet your increasing demand for a high-performance internet service, iGate provides reliable and managed connectivity to the internet perfect for running your bandwith-intensive applications, hosting rich-media content and supporting mission-critical communications.

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    Dedicated Internet Access

    An all-in-one digital solution that will enable businesses of any size with curated digital tools and Wi-Fi fit for enterprise—all anchored on business-grade fiber.

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  • Content Delivery and IP Peering

    Powered by PLDT-managed Internet Exchange facility strengthened by a global content delivery partner provider, this service allows you to have an efficient and accelerated access to certain web locations, web content and exchanges between local internet users within the country without passing through international routes, which significantly improves end-user experience.

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    Content Delivery and IP Peering
  • Smart Wifi Events

    Power your events with a high-speed internet service that will allow you to interact with your guests and gain insight that can strengthen your network.

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    Smart Wifi Events
  • Branch-in-a-Box

    A straightforward end-to-end networking solution designed for businesses with limited IT resources.

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  • Zero-Trust Acceleration Platform (ZAP)

    Fully maximize your employees online access business applications and cloud environments over an Internet connection.

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    Zero-Trust Acceleration Platform (ZAP)
  • Domestic Private Networking

    Enables your enterprise branches to exchange data securely through a private network.

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    Domestic Private Networking
  • International Private Networking

    Link your enterprise to a global network founded on PLDT's fastest and most secure infrastructure.

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    International Private Networking
  • Business Phone Lines

    Ensure the success of your business with seamless and state-of-the-art local voice services.

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    Business Phone Lines
  • Domestic & International Call Plans

    Be connected and stay in touch with your collegues, from wherever you are and at any time.

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    Domestic & International Call Plans
  • Global SIP

    Connect your business to the world with a highly robust IP network that makes voice communications more ecomonomical.

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    Global SIP
  • Unified Communications and Collaboration

    Efficiently manage and monitor both customer- and premise-based communications systems hosted by a third-party service provider.

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    Unified Communications and Collaboration
  • Contact Center Solutions

    Merged voice and data solutions that have feature-rich functionalities, a high-availability and high-capacity platform, and a dedicated and fully-redundant infrastructure to provide services such as a managed contact center platform and artificial intelligence, among other peripherals.

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    Contact Center Solutions
  • Smart Infinity

    A curated selection of premium products, world-class services, and rewarding experiences, that enable subscribers to focus on what matters most.

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    Smart Infinity
  • Wireless Postpaid

    Wireless Postpaid is a mobile, voice, SMS and data offering that features a wide-variety of top-class handsets and devices.

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    Wireless Postpaid
  • Wireless Broadband

    Wireless Broadband provides corporations with reliable high-speed internet connectivity and flexible internet connection via Smart's GPRS, 3GS and HSPA technology.

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    Wireless Broadband
  • Bizload

    Bizload is a secure, convenient and web-based portal that allows companies and the academe connectivity for their employees, faculty and students.

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  • Mobile Security

    Protect your organization while on the go with easy-to-use premium mobile security tools and services

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    Mobile Security
  • Smart Satellite Service

    Ensure connectivity no matter how remote you are with SmartSAT.

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    Smart Satellite Service
  • 5G

    Work faster and smart when you level up to 5G. Smart Enterprise Postpaid plans allow you to boost employee productivity while maintaining operational efficiency with the capabilities of 5G. Smart Infinity enables you to elevate your mobile and lifestyle experiences anytime and anywhere with 5G-ready phones and plans.

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  • Business Continuity Solutions

    A range of solutions that allows you to safeguard your business' data and operations through data back-up and a secured alternative office space in times of disaster.

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    Business Continuity Solutions
  • Connectivity

    Basic access going to the world wide web peered with multiple international telco partners, strategically picked to enhance global content and improve latency.

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  • Managed Server Hosting

    This VITRO service gives you access to the latest technologies available in the market without the need for a high capital investment.

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    Managed Server Hosting
  • Colocation

    Colocation gives you the superior advantage of robust and world-class facilities, unparalleled performance, and unmatched resiliency of our purpose-built VITRO Data Centers that meet the demands of your business infrastructures.

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  • Cloud Infrastructure Portfolio

    Whether its from locally hosted to hyper scale cloud or from public to private cloud and from hybrid to community cloud, ePLDT offers only the right cloud to achieve customers' business objectives.

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    Cloud Infrastructure Portfolio
  • Cloud-based Productivity

    Modernize your workplace with the use of latest and secured cloud-based tools while enabling your workforce to do more.

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    Cloud-based Productivity
  • Managed IT Services

    Managed IT Services range from service desk, incident and response management, monitoring, operations and maintenance of network systems, servers, and storage.

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    Managed IT Services
  • Integrated Technology Solutions

    Allows enterprise customers to have access to an end-to-end solution by offering complimentary hardware or software solutions to ensure business growth.

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    Integrated Technology Solutions
  • Industry Solutions

    Tailor-fit your business with value-added solutions that address the specific needs and requirements of verticals to future-proof your business.

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    Industry Solutions
  • Cybersecurity Consulting

    Determine the risks that pose a great threat to your business.

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    Cybersecurity Consulting
  • Incident Response

    Quickly respond to threats by closely monitoring what goes in and out of your system.

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    Incident Response
  • Managed Security Platforms

    ePLDT is home to cyber security professionals who manage and maintain best-of-breed security solutions to protect your IT.

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    Managed Security Platforms
  • Smart M2M SIM

    Combine data, voice and SMS to power your business' devices, software and solutions.

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    Smart M2M SIM
  • Cloud Push-to-Talk

    An online instant communication service that combines the features of traditional two-way radio with a cloud-based service that emulates professional walkie-talkie communications from smartphones.

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    Cloud Push-to-Talk
  • Digital Forms

    Enable your business with customizable forms and applications that fit your data gathering requirements.

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    Digital Forms
  • Digital Operations

    Stay on top of your business by managing your operations and ensuring your customers’ smooth transactions at your own time from virtually anywhere

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    Digital Operations

    Simplifying the complex for every enterprise

    With a wide range of fixed line, wireless and ICT services, PLDT Enterprise equips businesses with digital solutions fit for the changing times and expanding needs of customers.

    5G Postpaid

    Level up your operations with connectivity that is faster and smarter than ever before with 5G technology of Enterprise Postpaid Plans — providing streamlined customer experience.

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    5G Infinity

    With Smart Infinity's 5G plans and devices, achieve more in life with non-stop surf powered by faster and smarter connectivity. Do more of what you love with Smart Infinity (with) 5G.

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    Making a positive impact on every single business

    PLDT Enterprise has enabled companies of all sizes with digital solutions to create real value for each of their customers.


    Keep Moving Forward with Smart

    EXPLORE. DISCOVER. LIVE. Sometimes, it's the little things that keep us moving forward.


    Elevate employee productivity whenever, wherever

    Provide your employees with tools to collaborate for work, maintain communication with customers, and secure devices regardless of their workstation's location.

    Communicate seamlessly

    Communicate seamlessly

    Ensure continued connection within the business and with your customers while working remotely.

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    Collaborate efficiently

    Collaborate efficiently

    Stay productive wherever, whenever by hosting online meeting so you and your team can collaborate remotely.

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    Continue operations

    Continue operations

    Secure your mission-critical data while doing remote work.

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    Redefining e-Learning so no student or teacher gets left behind

    PLDT Enterprise supports the e-Learning initiatives of various schools, colleges, and universities in the country through learning management systems, data and gadget bundles, and collaboration applications.

    PLDT Enterprise

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